Major Exhibits

Major Exhibits

Calibrate testing techniques and standard equipment


Flow meter


Analysis and medical instruments


Electrical energy meter


Weighing machine


Industrial automation control instrumentation


Performance testing equipment


Surveying instruments, radio instruments and others


Metrology verification (calibration) test technology, standard equipment, large-scale analytical test equipment and process measurement system, automated precision measurement instrument control system, artificial intelligence sensing and measurement control system, intelligent image and graphic measurement system, unmanned laboratory automatic detection system , physical and chemical analysis instrumentation, medical analysis instrumentation, industrial big data integration system, industrial measurement software, quantum devices, ultra-precision sensors and measurement chips, measurement data remote transmission and communication systems, automatic measurement loading devices, measurement big data integration systems, Multi-dimensional laser measurement system, satellite positioning and large-scale laser measurement system, terahertz measurement technology, nuclear power integrated integrated automatic control system, ionizing radiation measurement technology, physical and chemical analysis instrumentation, medical analytical instrumentation, standard substance (standard sample) and Chemical reagents, flow, pressure, temperature and other instruments, medical analysis and instrumentation, electromagnetic compatibility and environmental testing, electric energy meters, water meters, gas and heat meters, fuel dispensers, scales, industrial automation control instruments, performance test equipment, safety test device Surveying and mapping equipment, radios and other equipment.


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