New Opportunity

In order to provide an effective way to help metrology testing technology and equipment companies open up markets,promote communication between suppliers and buyers,prosperometric measurement technology and product market,The 2nd China (Shanghai) International Metrology and Testing Technology and Equipment Exhibition2020 will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from Sept28-30,2020 hosted byShanghai Metrology Association,Organized by Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co.,Ltd.By then,there will be national and provincial key research institutes, laboratories,and management and technical personnel from laboratories and research institutes of large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as representatives of relevant enterprises gathered in Shanghai to discuss the development of China’s measurement development.

Concurrent Activities

The exhibition will absorb the successful experience of the first expo, and will hold the international measurement testing development forum,the national metrology dean summit forum and the special forums in various metrology fields..The exhibition hopes to focus on the metreology and testing industry through a series of activities to extend the scope of metrology and inspection with the coverage of exhibits.More enterprises and buyers in the industry can directly contact the exhibitors through the exhibition to enhance the friendship and cooperation between the supply and demand sides.

Target Audiences

Representatives of measurement technology institutions, research institutes, universities and enterprises all over the country in the industry, agriculture, mining,consumer goods manufacturing (including textiles,clothing, daily necessities, etc.), construction, energy and fuel, hydropower production and supply, chemical industry, electrical and electronic industry, automotive industry, food industry, consulting services, retail, pharmaceutical, scientific research, technical services,water conservancy, environmental and public facilities management,and health management industries.

Exhibition contact

Please book the booth of China (Shanghai) International Metrology Technology and Equipment Exhibition immediately. The sooner you reserve , the better position you will get. The exhibition can help you to increase exposure rate, stay ahead of the competition, and open up unique business opportunities.
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