About Exhibition

CMTExpo 2022

Being the science of measurement, metrology lies in all types of chains of industries with regards to calibration, instrumentation, meaurement as well as automation.

China central government has launched its grand campaign of Made-in-China-2025; the upgrade of metrology capabilities is therefore being put as top priority in the reform of China. As a result, the CMTExpo was established with a first event in May 2019.

CMTExpo 2022 will be fundamentally supported by all entities involved in metrology from national institutes, local organizations and associations. The aim is to target the industrial metrology industry covering all aspects including measuring equipment, sensors, software, automation, calibration and service providers.

In-parallel with CMTExpo keynote speeches and seminars are scheduled with topics including Made-in-China 2025, innovations in metrology, metrology 4.0, regional collaboration and sharing eco of metrology and the reform of national metrologic organizations. The event will be highlighted with a series of brain storming sessions with the purpose of making the connection between theoretical achievements from research and end-user solution seekers and industrial enterprises.


FACT 1 — Reinforced background! CMTExpo is the high-light project hosted and supervised national institutes (NIM) and supervised by governmental administration (GAQS).

FACT 2 — One of a kind event! CMTExpo is the exclusive event in terms of metrologic techniques and capabilities, targeting highly professional and specialty, followed by the extension to applied engineering to multiple industries.

FACT 3 — Booming and full-marked satisfaction! Thanks to its focused dedication, the 1st session found exhibitors and visitors 100% feeling of useful, 96% satisfied, 95% willing for recommendation and last but not least 92% intended for returning. The impressive after-show report triply rocketed the floor space from the 1st 6.500 m² to the 2nd 17.000 m² (planned) like overnight.

FACT 4 — Energic continuity! As MIC2025 tick-tacking, metrologic upgrade will never stop. CMTExpo is substantially motivated for booming expansion, in direction to multiple defined events like ultra-precision sensor, lazer measuring process-control, nanometric and photometric specialized events.